Indicolite Tourmaline, 18k & Silver Ring - Size 7.25

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This is an indicolite tourmaline from Brazil.  "Indicolite" is the word for blue tourmaline -- blue is rarer than green or pink, and it's gorgeous. 

I set the stone in 18k because the deep yellow looks so good next to the blue.  The ring shank is silver, because this blue likes silver, too.  

Light bounces around inside the stone off the mirror-finished backplate; the whole ring feels like a drink of cool water in the summer to me.

Entirely hand-fabricated.  Brushed finish.  Sterling shank, backplate & 18k gold bezel.  

Size 7.25.  It will fit most women on at least one finger, likely ring or middle. It'd be a pinky ring on most men, though it could fit the ring finger of men with slimmer fingers.  Any larger jewelry store will be able to easily resize it up or down.