Repairs & Resizing

While I'm primarily a design and production workshop, I do repair jewelry made by me, and, depending on the piece, jewelry made by others.

Repairing Elleyo Jewelry

If a piece of your Elleyo jewelry gets broken or damaged, we can repair it.  Fees depend on the work involved.  Contact us to get started.

Resizing Elleyo Rings

Because most of my rings are made with stones that can't take torch-levels of heat, they need to be resized using a laser welder, a piece of equipment larger jewelry stones have and small shops like mine do not.  That said, stretching a ring a half or full size up can be done by me.  It doesn't take long to resize a ring, but depending on your specific needs, there'll be different ways to get it done.  Tell us what you need and we'll tell you what your options are!

Repairing or Resizing Jewelry Made By Others

Whether or not we can repair or resize jewelry made by others depends on the piece -- the metal, stones, and fabrication techniques involved all determine whether or not we can do the repair and how much it will cost.  If you send us pictures of what you'd like repaired, we can determine if it's doable or not.  Contact us to start the process.