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Birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, holidays -- anything's a good excuse for some custom jewelry. No matter where you live, we can make the perfect piece for you.

Custom Jewelry

Lucy is wonderful to work with. After buying a few of her pieces I had her do a custom necklace for me (a labradorite pendant with flush set diamonds) and I couldn't be happier with the result.

I get so many compliments on her jewelry and will definitely be back for more!

Sarah D.

Lucy doesn't just make jewelry, she's an artist who uses jewelry as her medium. I've come to her numerous times with an idea for a special person and trust her to come up with something they'll love.

The handwork on each one-of-a-kind piece shows she loves her craft & puts that love into everything she makes!

Kyle J.

Lucy is more than a creative jeweler -- she makes magic happen!  I arrived with a hunk of rock from a neighbor's back yard and Lucy was able to envision a design for a stunning pair of earrings and cuff links -- the first any of us had ever seen made from our local Puddingstone.  

Mary B.

I love Lucy's jewelry. We've collaborated on some pieces and the lovely necklaces Lucy made for me were beautifully crafted and the gems were stunning.  I'd highly recommend her if you like eye-catching jewelry that's timeless in design.

Haley P.

Lucy is my go-to for distinct gifts that are elegant without pretense and pleasantly one-of-a-kind. Her incredible knowledge of and respect for her materials means every piece she makes is a treasure.

Jonathan C.

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