Deep Red Garnet & 18k Double Band Ring - Size 9.25

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The colors in this ring are as rich as they come.  Deep, glowing red and the warm yellow of the gold are meant to be together.  I set the stone on a polished silver backplate so it glows from within.  If you want to feel like a medieval lord in the best possible way (none of the bad ways, thanks), this ring is for you.

Entirely hand-fabricated.  Brushed finish.  Sterling backplate, 18k gold bezel and shank.   

Size 9.25.  Size context:  it'll likely fit a large-fingered woman on her ring or middle finger, and it would fit a man on his ring finger (unless he had very thick fingers, in which case, pinky).  It would potentially fit a small-fingered woman on her index finger.  Any larger jewelry store will be able to easily resize it up or down!