Roxbury Puddingstone Shield Ring - Size 5.75

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Roxbury Puddingstone is the stone that underlies the area where I live in Boston.  It's old, old, old -- half a billion years old, or thereabouts.  It's a glacial conglomerate, which means that it made up of smaller, even old rocks that all got smushed together under glaciers and then baked under the high temps and pressures that resulted. 

While there are other kinds of glacial conglomerates that exist in the world, this one is ultra-specific to where I live, and I can never get over how complicated and old even a tiny piece of it is.  A whole little world in a ring!

Entirely hand-fabricated.  Brushed silver finish.  100% sterling.  

Size 5.75.  Should fit most women on at least one finger; for men, it's likely a pinky ring. Any larger jewelry store will be able to easily resize it up or down!