Gray Rosecut Diamond & 18k Double Band Ring - Size 5

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This is an 1.0 carat gray diamond that shines its heart out.  I have a collection of small, interesting non-white diamonds, and this one is the sparkle champion among them.  Small but mighty.  

The deep yellow of the 18k sets it off the dark, slate gray of the stone.  A perfect little glitter bomb from deep in the earth.

Diamond ethically sourced through Misfit Diamonds.

Entirely hand-fabricated.  Brushed finish.  Sterling backplate, 18k gold bezel and shank.  

Size 5.  It's a small 5 -- technically it sits right in between a 4.75 and a 5.   It will fit women with smaller hands on their ring finger and women with larger hands on a pinky.  Men with slimmer hands might be able to squeak pinky.  Any larger jewelry store will be able to easily resize it up (or down)!